Athena SCE

Athena SCE - Vulcan Cut Ring Head Gasket to suit Holden SOHC RB30

$499 $550

A must have for any Holden RB30 Single Cam engine build, this uniquely designed gasket is forged to harness the best sealing properties from Composite and Stainless Steel type head gaskets.

Composite: Pliable, perforated metal-core composite gasket body eliminates coolant and oil leaks. No sealant needed!

Stainless Steel: Solid stainless cut-ring 'bites' into the cylinder head forming a positive barrier against combustion pressure leaks, NO MACHINING REQUIRED!

Designed in 1.00mm thickness Athena SCE head gaskets are made for use with high static compression or forced-induction engines that are prone to combustion pressure leaks when using typical composite or MLS head gaskets. Especially 4-bolt-per-cylinder patterns such as Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, and BMW.

Engine Sealing Capability Exceeds:

16:1 Static Compression Ratio

35 lbs + Supercharged or Turbocharged forced induction

250 Shot of Nitrous Oxide

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