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ARP Fasteners

ARP fasteners - Main Stud Kit, 2-Bolt Main, 12-Point Nut fits SR20

SKU: AR202-5402


There Are Many Important Reasons To Use Arp Main Stud Kits.

Including The Elimination Of M ain Cap Walk And Fretting, As Well As Protecting The Threads In Your Engine Block.

The Studs Are Manufactured In Our Own Factory Using The Best Materials, Processes, Designs, And Engineering. Every Arp Main Stud Kit Exceeds The Most Stringent Aerospace Specifications.

All Kits Come Complete With Parallel-ground Washers And Aerosp ace Quality Nuts. Some Applications Have Provisions For Moun ting Windage Trays And Have Specially Designed Standoff Stud's With Serrated Lock Nuts To position The Windage Tray And Lock It Securely In Place.

The Studs Are Manufactured From 87 40 Chrome Moly Steel, Heat-treated In-house To 200,000 Psi Tensile Strength, And Precision J-form Threads Rolled After H eat-treat To Create A Fastener That Has Threads 1000% Strong er Than Others.

Don't Settle For Anything Less Than The Best. Insist On Genuine Arp Studs. you'll Find The Name Stamped Right On

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