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ARP Fasteners

ARP Fasteners - Exhaust Header Bolt Kit, 12-Point Black Oxide fits GM LS Series M8 X .984" UHL (12 Pack) 1/4" Wide Header Flange

SKU: AR134-1201


ARP manufactures a variety of premium grade bolt and stud kits to facilitate the installation of exhaust headers including the popular stainless stud kit with 12-point nuts. The Stainless material is not affected by corrosion or extreme heat, making it ideal for the application. What's more, the compact 12-point nut lets you easily slip a socket close to the pipe.

Each ARP accessory stud or bolt kit includes a specific number of parts for your application, plus premium-quality washers and hex or 12-point nuts, as required. Studs are manufactured with a unique nut-starter nose that helps prevent cross threading Studs and bolts come either black oxide chrome moly or Stainless.

Both are nominally rated at 180,000 psi tensile strength; substantially stronger than Grade 8 hardware. Specially drilled NASCAR models are available for those who wish to safety wire their header bolts to prevent loosening.

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