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Aeroflow - Triple EFI Pump Compact Surge Tank

SKU: AF77-4053BLK

$571.87 $648.16

These compact surge tanks are designed to work with our AF49-1041 pump, or any 40mm (1-37/64) diameter pump.

These smart little tanks are designed to have the fuel pumps submerged in fuel for a quieter operation and longer life of the fuel pump. These tanks features -10ORB feed & -8ORB return/overflow ports for a positive seal allowing many options to plumb the fuel system and are 7L (1.85 Gal) in capacity.

We offer the tank in either polished or black anodised. The black anodised finish is recommended for use with corrosive fuels such as Ethanol and Methanol.

Length 185mm (7-1/4") x Width 185mm (7-1/4") x Height 260mm (10-1/4") 7L (1.85 Gal) capacity

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