Process West

Process West - Subaru 15+ VA WRX Front Mount Intercooler Kit



Product Description

The new Process West Front Mount Intercooler Kit for the 2015-17 Subaru VA WRX allows for superior air intake cooling. This is achieved by using light-weight CNC mandrel bent aluminuim intercooler piping and a large 685 x 275 x 85mm bar & plate intercooler core. The beautiful thing about this front mount kit is that there is no cutting required in order to fit and install, and everything you need to complete install is included in the kit - i.e. hose clamps, intercooler brackets etc. With a choice of a black powdercoated or silver finished intercooler, its not hard to see why this is the best option for you car.

  • Core Size: 685 x 275 x 85mm
  • Light weight CNC mandrel bent aluminium intercooler piping
  • Hi flowing cast intercooler end tanks for maximum flow distribution across the intercooler core
  • Stainless steel hose clamps
  • Fits with zero cutting
  • Intercooler core available in polished or black powder coated finish

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