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Platinum Racing Products - Nissan RB Billet Oil Pump Delete Kit


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PRP RB Billet oil pump block off / Dry sump oil pump delete.

As we grew tired of modifying all our different trigger kits to fit all the other brands of oil pump delete kits and advising the user on how to modify the dry sump oil pump delete system they may have already had, we decided to make it easy and release our own.

No modification required to make either our standard 12 teeth or 36-2 Pro trigger kit bolt-on fit with ease.

* We have included our new oil pump alignment tool that can be used to align any RB oil pump.
* Includes OEM oil pump gasket.
* Includes OEM front crank seal.
* Includes fastener kit.
* Comes in 3 standard PRP colours, Black, Silver, Purple, with all other colours as an option (may cause a delay if your local dealer needs to backorder)
* Lifetime warranty on all PRP Australian made quality parts

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