Frenchy's Performance Garage

Frenchy's Performance Garage - R32 A/C Condenser Replacement Upgrade R134A Denso Pad Fittings

SKU: FPG-096

Add SPAL 11" 30101502 Fan:
Add Hardlines and Pressure Switch:
Add FPG Fan Wiring Kit:

Key features:

-No drilling, no cutting, no pulling half the car apart! Uses OEM mounting points

-Ideal for electric A/C setups, or replacing ageing OEM parts

-SPAL 11" Pusher fan mounting, providing more cooling performance and more space for bigger intercoolers

-Built-in dryer allowing plenty of space for steering cooler and/or extra oil coolers at the front

-Trinary pressure switch protecting the system from over pressure and loss of gas. Mid point allows the fan to be triggered automatically

-Modern multi-flow condenser, smaller footprint with better performance

-Custom made hardlines and fittings for an easy install and reliable setup 

-Wiring kit for the fan and pressure switch can be supplied (Weatherproof 12v relay, 1x Deutsch DT4 kit, 1x Deutsch DT2 kit, 1x Deutsch DTP2 kit, Tefzel wire. You will need to supply a 12v fused power to the plug, instructions will be supplied with the kit).

-We've made the fan available as an add-on as it may be beneficial for the customer to purchase it locally to save on freight and for manufacturer's warranty. We cannot warrant components that we do not make.

-This system needs to be checked and charged by a licensed professional as per your country's rules and regulations

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