Albins Product

ST6 Transaxle for Front Engine Applications


This ltem is order only for Albins

Application: Originally designed for Australian Supercars


1000Nm Rated
Cast LM25 aluminum housings heat treatment to T6 condition & stainless shot-blasted Compact, lightweight design Innovative design allows very low engine mounting. Drop gear option for fast, economical gear changes the internal oil pump and lubrication/cooling system inspection ports allow a visual check of gear and dog wear rod and cable shift activation – Paddle Shift Option Available Gears profile ground after heat treatment
All gears shot-peened and isotropically finished Heavy-duty constant mesh reverse gear Exceptionally short shift event times Straight-cut drive gears and use of roller bearing internals to minimize power loss. The wide selection of drop gears available Custom input shafts and bell housing available Albins Klingelnberg Palliod ring and pinion set Weights 68 kgs


Can be tailored to specific applications and engines, and can be configured to an inline transmission, rear-mount transaxle or mid-mount transaxle
Plate type LSD Trans Mount Clutch System (includes housing, slave cylinder assembly, flywheel, bearings, input shaft, does NOT include clutch)
Meziere radial-mount starter motor Shifter, Paddle shift Additional driveline components and accessory mount options available upon request

Other Information:
We can supply the full range of Albins, If it is not listed on our page, please contact us with the spec's you would like at

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