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Rollmaster - Vernier Adjustable Cam Gear Suit Nissan RB30 SOHC


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Gold Vernier timing sets are an upgrade of our Gold Series timing sets. The cam sprocket is produced in two parts and allows the outer sprocket section to move separately and independently to the inner hub by way of elongated slots, allowing infinite adjustment to cam timing, just by positioning the camshaft to the required degrees then locking the socket head screws around the perimeter which clamps the entire unit together as one solid cam sprocket.

Vernier sprockets tend to be a little heavier than our standard sets as more material is used to aid the threaded section needed for the inner hub. All vernier sets use our regular crank sprockets with single crank keyway only, and both cam and crank sprockets have been nitrided.

Torrington one-piece thrust bearings are used on all vernier sets where applicable; otherwise brass thrust washers are fitted. Of course Iwis chain is used on all vernier sets. Installation is a breeze with vernier sets as the entire set can be installed in the same manner as any other timing set.

By leaving the locking screws on the cam wheel loose you can move the camshaft independently to the crankshaft and timing set without moving anything else. You just dial in your camshaft using the vernier scale and then tighten it all up.

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