Precision Turbo

Precision 7675 H Cover GEN2 Ball Bearing Turbocharger

SKU: PT7675

Turbo Rear Housing:

PTE PT7675 Turbocharger features the following:
Exclusive CEA (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) compressor wheel machined from a 2618-aluminum forging

Higher efficiency and faster transient response for maximum power and performance
76mm inducer compressor wheel
Compressor cover options:
Compressor cover 4.0 inlet/3.00 outlet
Ported compressor cover 4.0 inlet/3.00 outlet
75mm, 84 trim turbine wheel
Turbine housing options:
T4 Tangential .81, or .96 A/R with 3 5/8 OD (outer diameter) V-Band discharge
Available with either a Hydrodynamic 360 thrust bearing system, or an Air-cooled, dual ceramic ball-bearing center housing rotating assembly (CHRA)

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