Nitto Performance Engingeering

Nitto Performance Engingeering - RB30 H-BEAM 152.4MM



RB30 H-Beam Conrods 152.4mm

NITTO H-beam connecting rods are manufactured using the highest quality one-piece 4340 forged billet steel round stock and have been designed as a first-stage upgrade for the price-conscious racer.

The simpler manufacturing process of the H-beam connecting rod over its BIG brother the "I-beam" has allowed costs to be kept down to a more affordable level without compromising quality. NITTO H-beam connecting rods are specifically designed for high-performance street and entry to mid-level motorsport applications. They are far superior to any OEM-manufactured rod and can hold their own against some of the well-known I-beam rods from our competitors.

Using NITTO's one-piece round billet design ensures a uniform flow of the material grain which ensures maximum strength especially when compared to the cheaper manufactured two-piece designs commonly found at the lower end of the market.

NITTO H-beam connecting rods feature quality ARP rod bolts and silicone bronze wrist pin bushes to ensure reliability. NITTO H-beam connecting rods are for use in applications that require a strengthened link between the crankshaft and piston but do not require the heavy-duty link of an I-beam connecting rod.

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