HP Diesel - Nissan Navara / Pathfinder D40 2.5LT


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As these Navara's/pathfinders were made in Mexico, Spain and Thailand, please use the images & description to identify your vehicle type, as there are different hot side and cold side piping styles.

HPD 4WD intercooler kit for the Nissan Navara/ Pathfinder D40 2.5 turbo diesel has been designed with a larger core than factory and aluminum intercooler piping to eliminate the factory rubber hose that is known to balloon under load or acceleration causing a delay in throttle response and lack of power due to split rubber hoses.

HPD intercooler kit comes with the prevision to bolt the OEM map sensor back onto the tank of the intercooler with a CNC machined boost port to connect the map sensor hose onto. 

HPD intercoolers are designed to give a boost in performance, reliability, consistent and sustainable power. By reducing inlet temperatures, you will also reduce engine running temperatures.

This intercooler kit responds well with engine tuning and modification, in most cases will see improvements of 25-30% in torque and power.

Kit features:

  • Bar & Plate Core 450x300x76mm
  • Alloy mandrel bent piping
  • Quality silicone hoses and clamps
  • Stainless steel laser cut mounting brackets
  • Billet CNC weld on boss‚
  • German-made load-rated clamps
  • 57mm intercooler piping

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