MST Performance

MST Performance - VW EA211 1.2/1.4 Turbo Intake Pipe



MST Performance turbo intake pipe for Volkswagen EA211 1.2/1.4

Intended vehicles:

VW group vehicles with EA211 1.2/1.4 engine 

• Much improved throttle response
• Reduction of shift jerkiness 
• Increased coasting distance
• Improved acceleration that can be felt
• Reduced turbo lag
• Turbocharger feels more responsive
• BOV sound can be heard finally

Our newly designed intake system, the MST intake pipe basically eliminates the stock unit’s restrictive internal noise baffling, so what we have is an enlarged 63mm straight through pipe mated to the funneling effect intake that ensures the increased airflow enters the intake with minimal restrictions all the way up to the turbocharger.

After installation, the turbo response will improve overstock at the same time reduce turbo lag, and punchier boost, along with rapid pick-up response.

With the elimination of baffling the blow-off valve operation can be heard as well~

Our MST intake pipe can be installed in conjunction with the stock intake system or with our MST Performance intake, so from the suction side, all the way to the turbocharger will have minimal restrictions, and immediate power delivery on demand!

Whether or not you are into modding your VW our MST Performance intake system will definitely be a worthy upgrade for your pride and joy!

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