PPG Gearbox

PPG Gearbox - Honda K-Series Synchro Set FWD



This direct fitment gearset is perfect for street racers wanting increased strength and closer ratio's between 1st and 4th at an attractive price point. Straight Cut gears reduce drivetrain power loss and are designed using the same profiles as the PPG drag sets that are so popular amongst USA based Sport Compact teams.

With various ratios available, these sets are not only very strong but also versatile in today's street and track landscape.

Available as a full 1st though 4th upgraded gear set, or split as 1st/2nd or 3rd/4th.

Other Information:

We can supply the full range of PPG Gear Boxes, If it is not listed on our page, please contact us with the spec's you would like at info@tunersedge.com.au


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