Athena SCE

Athena SCE - Vulcan Cut Ring Head Gasket


A hybrid design forged to harness the best sealing properties of two head gasket types:


Pliable, perforated metal-core composite gasket body eliminates coolant and oil leaks. No sealant needed!

Stainless Steel:

Solid stainless cut-ring ‘bites’ into the cylinder head forming a positive barrier against combustion pressure leaks. No machining required!

Designed for use with high static compression or forced-induction engines that are prone to combustion pressure leaks when using typical composite or MLS head gaskets. Especially 4-bolt-per-cylinder patterns such as BMW, Subaru, Toyota, and Nissan

Engine Sealing Capability Exceeds:

16:1 Static Compression Ratio

35 lbs + Supercharged or Turbocharged forced induction

250 Shot of Nitrous Oxide

Head Gasket Size:

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